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The world of vinyl is visionary for many reasons. Coincidentally, that world was introduced to the people in the midst of the Great Depression. It wasn’t until 1951 when Ewing D. Nunn, a founder of Audiophile Records, truly popularized vinyl by converting RCA Victor’s early 33 ½ production into a 78 rpm version and the greater population actually recognized that vision. With the improvements to this advanced commercialized form of art and the changes it made to music and expression, it's easy to see how vinyl records have grown to fit a major collectible category of their own, especially in current times. Read more...

We’ve seen them in display cases and on walls showing off favorite and rare original or limited release jackets. An even more familiar sight is shelves full of standing records in the living room or office, showcasing enthusiast’s sense of style, sensibility, and individuality. Mostly, they’ve gone right from the store onto the player, helping millions release and become engrossed in the soothing sounds of past and present.

Vinyl records have become notably generational, handed down from parent to child and so on. If you happen to be one of the fortunate souls to have received a collection or rare edition, this is the place for you to begin to share that gift with one of the most appreciative and active communities of vinyl enthusiasts the world has to offer.

There’s certainly a reason why bands still release on vinyl to this day and why society rushes out to get their mitts on the first copy. No matter what the reasoning is behind your visit, Collexion has a plethora of vinyl records to please and placate your auditory palate. Read less

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