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The United States minted their first coins in 1792 and continue to produce coins annually. There are four mints in the country that continue to produce circulating coins, bullions and commemorative coins. While usage of some coins wane, the value and history behind each is far from cheap. Read more...

What might seem like a simple penny in your hand, has changed and evolved from shape to composition over the past century. While many pennies still in circulation are composed of 95% copper and 5% zinc core, most pennies minted since 2009 contain 97.5% zinc core with a 2.5% copper plating.

Commemorative coins such as Sacagawea dollars or Presidential coins which feature each deceased presidents are limited run, while Susan B Anthony coins, Eisenhower dollar coins are no longer produced. They all still count as legal tender but are worth more on auction than their original price.

The wonderful world of U.S. coin collecting might seem like a dime a dozen, but rich history and rare possibilities lie behind every coin. Read less

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