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If you’re passionate about model cars, is the best place for you to find everything you need to get your collection in gear. Model cars originated around the same time Henry Ford introduced the first line of automobiles in the early 1900’s. Although first purposed as toys, the market evolved into model car collecting, a popular hobby for all ages. Models flooded the shelves in stores around the world. The automobile industry became an engine for models. Auto dealers gave away a small replica promo model with every purchase of a new car. The model car craze sent drivers and dreamers of all ages racing to the stores to get their hands on affordable new wheels of their own. Read more...

Collexion hosts a variety of categories of model cars beginning with the earliest versions made of tin, cast iron, and pressed steel. You can also find diecast and slot cars made by Dinky Toy’s, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and Corgi – who entered the industry upping the ante with higher quality cars and slot style tracks.

Simply stated, automobiles have never gone out of style and neither have their models. So why stop at cars? At Collexion you can also find model buses, trucks, tractors, and motorcycles. Whether you’re a gearhead, general enthusiast, Nascar fan, kit builder, hobbyist, RC driver, collector, or anything in-between, we’re proud to host and help you find the models you love. Read less

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