Guitars are some of the most iconic instruments in popular culture the world over. While some models and brands are more popular than others, there are a seemingly infinite variety of types of guitars. The nature of guitar playing means that any given guitar has the potential of forming an intimate and personal relationship with its player. This makes it an exciting journey for guitar collectors, as even low-end and less rare finds can be a valuable part of a guitarist's collection. Read more...

When it comes to guitar collecting, the broadest division starts with acoustic vs. electric guitars. C.F. Martin and Taylor are leading manufacturers of acoustic guitars, while Gibson and Fender are well-known for both acoustic and electric styles. But beyond the brands that make them, guitar models are further categorized based on the way they're constructed. There are flat top and archtop designs, along with telecaster, stratocaster, and Les Paul models. Each have distinct looks, feels, and sounds, depending on features such as their number of pickups and the materials used to construct them. For the collector, there are also other factors to consider, such as the era a guitar was made in and what famous musician might have owned it. With so many choices, it's no wonder guitars are so popular among music fans and collector hobbyists alike. Read less

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