Figurines or statuettes are small statues that tend to represent a human, god or animal. They come in many sizes, shapes and mediums from pottery to plastic. While all action figures are also figurines, not all figurines are action figures! This goes for dolls or mannequins as well. To be considered an action figure or a doll the figurine must have movable parts, while figurines are commonly used in today’s pop culture for board games and tabletop role playing games. Read more...

The oldest known figurines were made of stone, found in Africa and Asia, and are several thousands of years old. They serve an important historical significance because they were the first signs of human culture. We’re not even sure exactly what they were used for, be it religious significance, ceremonial, burial rituals or possibly early toys for children.

Most modern figurines are made of porcelain, plastic or resin. The history and evolution of different mediums over thousands of years have made figurines an important cultural and artistic statement for mankind. Read less

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