Comics have come a long way since they first began appearing roughly 150 years ago. Today, comics, their heroes, and related collectibles remain widely popular, and rightfully so. They’ve moved from newspapers to books, to the big screen, and vice versa. Entertainment is an understatement……comics have led us through the passage of time with their incredible worlds of secret lairs, gadgets, and superhuman abilities. Read more...

Let your imagination soar at Collexion where you can find the best of comic book collectibles – Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America – as well as entire crime fighting forces like the A-Team, Justice League, Fantastic Four, and Avengers.

At Collexion, it matters what sparked your interest in comic books. Was it getting lost in a fantasy world or new universe? Heroes vs. villains? Good vs. evil? The euphoric feeling when the righteous prevail? Perhaps it was an impeccable story line, a colorful page, or the clever use of onomatopoeia, replacing long paragraphs with large explosive letters to exaggerate a kick, punch, superpower, or catchphrase. KAPOW! ZAP! SHAZAM!

We can meet the needs of all collectors with the many categories featured on our site including: Classics, Bronze Age, Silver Age, Golden Age, Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel. Find the comics you love today! Read less

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