The word camera comes from camera obscura, which means "dark chamber," and is the Latin name of the original device for projecting an image of external reality onto a flat surface. The term originated from 5th century B.C. when Chinese philosopher Mo Ti discovered a pinhole can form an inverted and focused image when light passes through it. Aristotle mentioned the principle later in 4th century B.C.. Read more...

Considering how far cameras and image capturing have come through human history, it’s surprising that these ideas existed so far back. But the original concept for camera obscura and the later known camera was inspired by the human eye. Engineers and philosophers managed to create a machine which replicated the way our own eye functions!

It’s no wonder vintage and antique cameras are a popular collectible and a well-known form of artistic impression. Every person has their own unique view on the world, and cameras help to capture that. Read less

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