Selling Your Collection

Selling a privately owned collection or individual item can be difficult if you are not a professional seller. Collexion can expose your collection to a lot of potential buyers, but the actual purchase transaction needs to be managed by a company that specializes in this business.

To make it easier for our users, Collexion has selected partners that can take the hassle out of selling. Click on the links and find out more about the services they offer.


Professional Selling of Collectibles with Collexion

How to increase sales traffic to your online store using Collexion

1. Sign up for a free business account:

  • Go to the link and sign up.
  • Make sure you select the “business” option if you are a business or professional in the collecting industry.

2. Fill out your profile with as much information as you can.

  • Add tags for the type of items you sell.
  • Write a description of your business that other will see.
  • Add your address so regional buyers can find you if you are storefront.
  • Put your logo or your picture in the profile round image space.
  • Add a larger  custom background that is engaging (items you sell, your logo, etc.)

3. Create “collections” that represent the types of items you sell.

  • Collections are places you can organize items you are selling so that buyers can find not only specific items but related items.
  • If you sell antiques, you might create a collection for “mid-century modern” and “colonial era”. If you sell coins it could be “Gold coins”, “US coins” - or whatever you specialize in.
  • Name your collections something that will make buyers want to explore and see what else you have.
  • Fill out the descriptions of what is going to be in the collection so that search engines will be more likely to pick it up as well as users that want to read it.

4. Add the items that collectors will want to buy  to the collections that make the most sense.

  • Items can be created by pasting links from your store’s items into collection.
  • There is a toolbar “collecting” application you can also use to make this process easier with some sites.
  • Add as many as you can because not only will Collexion users be able to find them, but search engines will pick them up.

Want even more traffic?

1. Use social networks.

Use the link that lets you share items or collections with social networks. Posting an interesting collection or item you have put on Collexion as a link on Twitter or Facebook will drive users to see your collections.

2. Optimize for SEO.

Add more details to your items that will get picked up by the search engines.

3. Buy ad banners on Collexion.

Make sure users know about an auction event, special sale or curate collection you have created. Contact to learn more.

4. Email Collexion members.

Contact to learn about being highlighted in our periodic updates to our users.

5. Use affiliate programs.

If you have an affiliate program and would like to discuss working with Collexion to drive business to you, please contact