About Us


Current product offerings

Collexion is an award winning company that offers an online platform that connects buyers and sellers to a curated collection of high-value collectibles, art and antiques. Enthusiasts can browse among a selectionn of categories, namely, art, antiques, watches, jewelry, wine, books, coins, classic cars, memorabilia and other collectibles.

Collexion has an ongoing business model with a website, affiliate partners, web crawlers and API connections feeding the site’s indexing and search capabilities . This has developed our understanding of the existing marketplace, and will inform our transition to a blockchain-based and feature-rich platform. We are developing custom smart contracts for several types of transactions and registrations which we believe are the most commonly needed by the collectible business ecosystem.

We bring people and collectibles together.

Collexion is a VC and Angel funded company with the mission to make the Art and Collectibles market more efficient, secure and profitable for all parties involved. This includes not only the owners, buyers and sellers of these items, but all of the 3rd party players that create the ecosystem we see today. Appraisers, auction houses, insurance underwriters, restorers, art storage companies, shipping companies, museums, wealth managers; all need ways to streamline their businesses while increasing the value and profitability of their services. A more efficient, accessible, secure system will draw in more participants who traditionally do not access to a wider collectibles marketplace, and the marketplace will grow with increased liquidity and participation.

Collexion.com has historically been a Search Technology Platform that makes it is easier for collectors to find the item they are looking for regardless where it might be for sale. Millions of items have been aggregated onto Collexion.com and we make them searchable from one site. Collexion’s crawlers and API integration pull from tens of thousands of auction houses, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and individual dealer sites. Think of it as a specialized “Google for collectibles” with a high visual Pinterest-like interface. Some have called the “Kayak for collectibles”.

The Future of Collectibles is the Blockchain

Art and Collectibles transactions exceed $150 Billion-a-year while trillions of dollars in assets are held by collectors and institutions. The market remains highly fragmented and somewhat technically lagging. Transactions are paper-centric, costly, time consuming and lacking transparency. Fraud and theft challenge the establishment of reliable provenance.

We believe that the immutable and decentralized nature of the blockchain offers the perfect platform to address many of these issues. Through collaboration with trusted partners a reliable chain of provenance and other pertinent information on a physical asset can be established adding layers of trust, confidence and transparency to transactions. While all parties involved can benefit from reduced transaction fees.

For further information about us and the company, take a look at our Team and Press pages.